07 March, 2015

Illustration piece - Simone Rocha SS15

First submission from one of our new illustrators, Megan Wynne. The piece was inspired by Simone Rocha's Spring/Summer 2015 collection and our earlier post about the designer, "One to Watch - Simone Rocha AW15" written by Amy Jackson.

02 March, 2015

Week #9 Inspirations

Model Athena Wilson in American Beauty editorial featured in March issue of Harper's Bazaar Germany. Photographed by Nagi Sakai, and inspired by former Harper's Bazaar editor, Diane Vreeland.

Actress Dakota Fanning featured in a S/S'15 issue of Vs. Magazine, photographed by Vincent Peters.

All images sourced via Fashion Gone Rogue.

28 February, 2015

Equality - dawn of a new era

Illustration and words by Jessica Holden,
updated version of University Project.

In my last semester at University we were to pick our own briefs and projects. When I was in the library I came across old copies of Vogue Magazine from the 60's and 70's and I just fell in love! The photographs where so stunning and the clothing was beautiful. So I decided to do an editorial illustration from an article in one of these editions. I wanted to illustrate an important issue as it would give me more of a focus, so I started to look for articles surrounding women's rights as I knew it was relevant to the time. 

In a 1975 edition of Vogue UK I found an article where the sex discrimination bill was just being brought into action. Baroness Betty Lockwood is mentioned in the article as she states, "my job is to remove discrimination against women". After reading the article, I found her to be very inspiring. One quote from the article which really shocked me was about a women who wasn't able to open a shop account without having a male guarantor. It really highlighted the inequality and how women where treated at that moment in time. 

"She was asked to produce a male guarantor before she could open a shop account!"

In my final illustration piece, I wanted to focus on the dawn of a new era as working women were on the rise. The protest boards highlight strikes which happened around this time, such as the Sewing Machinist strike in 1968 in Dagenham. I think a key element for this illustration was the use of type, as it shows the inequality that was a major issue.

25 February, 2015

LFW street style - part I

Part I of selected London Fashion Week street style photographs taken by Dominika Wojciechowska during AW15 collection season. // Somerset House, February 2015.

23 February, 2015

Mr. Leroni

Our Editor, Tskenya-Sarah Fraser, sits down to interview a young fashion designer, Mr. Leroni, about his inspiration, choice not to study fashion and future aims.

Tskenya-Sarah Fraser: Tell me about where you get the inspiration for your style. 
Mr. Leroni: The inspiration for my work comes from so many different places. It’s really hard to identify the things that inspire me as they change from day to day. I usually design things from scratch, recycling anything that I have lying around or that I find in the street. I get inspiration from the most random things sometimes, but I love finding something that to most people would just be a piece of junk and imagining what I could do with it. It’s about seeing that hidden beauty and potential in something. Even if it’s just an old broom head or a broken hanging basket or whatever it has the potential to be something fantastic. Just going for a walk around the city or through the park can inspire me. Even the music I am listening to. I find that music can be so inspiring because it can change the way I’m feeling in an instant. I love just sitting down with all the things I have collected, putting in my earphones with some music and letting my imagination do all the work.

TSF: How long does each headpiece take to make? 
Mr. L: It really depends on what types of material I have found to work with. I prefer working with hard material, things like wire or metal mainly because they are more malleable and you can just be so much more unconventional with those sorts of material. Your options, for what to make, are almost limitless and you can change and reuse things much easier than if you are working with fabrics. I guess it could take up to 6 or 7 hours to get the basic concept of a headpiece together then another hour or two fixing the details. But it varies from piece to piece. I don’t usually count the time and I never do it all in one day, just as and when I feel like it.

TSF: I know you don’t study fashion, which I find amazing. Are you self-taught? How did you get into designing? 
Mr. L: I guess I am self-taught. I’ve never studied any sort of fashion. I come from Paraguay and grew up there. It’s a beautiful country but most people there are quite conservative and so most people dress the same way; quite boring! Ever since I was young I just loved standing out from the crowd and being different. When I was a kid in Paraguay this was easy. I started wearing odd socks, making holes in my jeans and dying my hair; little things like that. When I moved to London it was so different; everyone had odd socks and holes in their jeans! It was like I had to try harder to stand out, but I also got inspired by the city, the people and the street style. London is so inspirational, a place where so many different things just clash and mix together. So once I was here I just started designing things for myself from different things I found and saw around the city. I guess that’s when I really got into designing.

TSF: Who are your favourite fashion designers and why? 
Mr. L: My favourite fashion designers are Alexander McQueen, Philip Treacy and my friend Magda Durka. I love Alexander McQueen for his lack of inhibition and willingness to take risks. His work is just outstanding. You can see so much creativity and beauty in every one of his designs. For me he is the god of fashion. Philip Treacy’s headpieces are incredible. I find it amazing how he creates perfection in every single piece and gets that harmony between outlandishness and beauty just spot on every time. You can see so much passion in his work. Magda Durka was such a big influence on me when I first came to London. She taught me not to care what people thought and to feel free to express myself. I love her style and passion for colours in her designs.

TSF: Do you plan to start your own label? 
Mr.L: It would be a dream come true but financially I can’t at the moment. It’s always in the back of my mind for one day in the future though. At the moment I’m just enjoying designing things for myself.

TSF: How would you describe your creativity in 3 words? 
Mr. L: I would have to say escapist, experimental and fun. 

If you would like to see more of Leroni’s design journey, make sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Wirtten by Tskenya-Sarah Fraser
photographs by Austėja Ščiavinskaitė.

20 February, 2015

DASH Magazine SS15 Launch Party

If you love both fashion and illustration equally then you really need to subscribe to Dash Magazine. Members of Fashion Philosophy Team were invited to SS15 issue Launch Party this very night. The celebration for the newest issue, Saturation, took place at London's Display Gallery at Holborn Viaduct. Thank you so much for a great night, Dash Magazine!

To see more images from the night, head over to the official Facebook album. 
The new issue is now available to buy at selected retailers. 

Words by Tskneya-Sarah Fraser,
photographs by Austėja Ščiavinskaitė.

18 February, 2015

Pure AW15 catwalk shows - part I



All photographs - Dominika Wojciechowska.

Image 1 & 2: Opening of 'Encrypted' catwalk; jacket/top/hat all by CHOIBOKO, trousers by FRANSA, tights by GIPSY, shoes by TONY BIANCO. // Image 3: jacket/skirt both by CHOIBOKO, shoes by TONY BIANCO. // Image 4 & 5: coat by B.YOUNG, trousers by FRANSA, shoes by NR RAPISARDI. // Image 6: top/skirt/hat all by CHOIBOKO, tights by GIPSY, shoes by TONY BIANCO. // Image 7: coat/dress both by ISABEL DE PEDRO, socks by GIPSY, shoes by NR RAPISARDI.

Image 8: 'Streamline' catwalk; coat by LOULU ET TU, tights by GIPSY, shoes by SERAP POLLARD. // Image 9: dress by KEVAN JON, tights by GIPSY, bracelet by MOJIANA, shoes by CARA LONDON.

Image 10: 'Folk Tales' catwalk; cardigan by ALMAZ, dress by BAV TAILOR, shoes by TONY BIANCO. // Image 11 & 12:  shirt/skirt/jacket all by ALMAZ, tights by GIPSY, shoes by SWEAR LONDON. // Image 13: coat by ALMAZ, skirt/top both by DARLING, shoes by TONY BIANCO. // Image 14: coat/trousers both by ALMAZ, shoes by NR RAPISPARDI. // Image 15: Closing of the catwalk show and the end of 'Folk Tales' collection.

17 February, 2015

City Focus: Copenhagen Fashion Week

With New York Fashion Week having just begun, industry experts and fashion followers everywhere await AW15 collections from some of their favourite brands, showcased at what’s said to be hailed, the mother of all fashion weeks. With New York, London, Paris and Milan named as the most notable cities in regards to their relevance to fashion, we often disregard some of the lesser known fashion weeks, and the fresh talent and equally as exciting brands they represent.

A chic, metropolitan city filled with culture, canals and curious cuisine - Copenhagen is a city that’s steadily gaining recognition for their fashion. Two times a year, Copenhagen hosts the largest fashion event of the Nordic region, Copenhagen Fashion Week, created in 1968. Here, industry experts from around the globe arrive to witness a diverse range of fashion, from local or international designers, with established Danish brands such as Malene Birger and Bruuns Bazaar. Scandinavian fashion is identified with having a unique take on design, with a contemporary aesthetic combining use of sharp colour schemes, fresh silhouettes and innovative fabrics. Copenhagen Fashion Week has only recently became more popular, previously having struggled to make itself noticed on a larger scale due to its simplicity and laid back style. The clothing at Copenhagen fashion week has been described as “real clothes for real people”, since the clothing you see on the runway is not overly extravagant or expensive, and everything on the runway is available to purchase in stores or online.

According to (visitcopenhagen.com) // “Since the sixties, Danish fashion has developed into one of the most successful Danish export industries. Danish fashion is characterized by high quality materials, cutting edge design – and what in short is called “democratic fashion”.

My personal favorite collection from Copenhagen Fashion Week was definitely ‘By Malene Birger’ A brand that’s recognised around the globe for it’s classic, yet edgy elegance. The brand’s AW15 show was a beautiful array of earthy shades of grey, browns, inky blue, and cool pink hues, with relaxed garments. The slightly androgynous pairing of over sized coats and structures with feminine colours and luxurious fabrics is really really lovely, and the pairing of the sheer burgundy top and soft pink duster coat is simply dreamy.

Photographs found via Copenhagen Fashion Week website. To see more collections and images, go to style.com website. 

Written by Amy Jackson.