10 September, 2014

Postcard from London

Just a quick 'hi!' from London! I landed at Heathrow Airport about two hours ago and now I'm at my new place in Wembley. It all feels so surreal, I still cannot quite believe that this is actually happening. One of my biggest dreams is coming true right now! Not only am I living in London, but very soon I'll be also studying BA Photographic Arts at University of Westminster. My 10-year old self is screaming inside my head right now (and I'm definitely not going to have her calm down any time soon!).

09 September, 2014

Looking for contributors and guest bloggers

Things grew really quiet around here after my year-long break from the blogging world. Before coming back with new content this August, I thought that maybe it would be better to close Fashion Philosophy altogether as I didn’t seem to have time for it anymore. In the end I decided against it because even though I abandoned it, there wasn’t a day when I wouldn’t think of how great it would be to be back. This blog simply means too much for me. 

The whole adventure started back in 2009 when I created this blog to write about things that interested me and to publish photographs of my personal style. Up until 2012, those two things were the main focus of Fashion Philosophy. However in 2013 it all changed when I thought of changing the content of the blog to street-style photography which I just began working on. This didn’t quite work out… College and adult responsibilities took over and unfortunately I had to put a lot of things on hold. Now, with Uni just around the corner, I’m going to have little time for myself once again. Although this time I do not want to abandon Fashion Philosophy, instead I would love to broaden the focus of the site and finally have it live up to its title. To achieve this however, I need your help! I am looking to assemble a small group of fellow creatives who would like to share their work and thoughts on this very blog. And if this sparks your interest, keep on reading!

* Contributing *
Regular posts (once a week or twice a month) // Minimum 'stay' 6 months // Must be located in UK, ideally in London // Aged between 18 and 26 // Looking for: writers, illustrators, stylists, videographers, and photographers

- Writers, looking for: short/long articles, interviews, essays // topics: fashion, arts, photography, history of any of those three topics, music 
- Illustrators, looking for: traditional and digital work 
- Stylists, looking for: fashion sets (think Polyvore) 
- Videographers, looking for: short videos, and teasers/trailers under a topic of fashion, arts or photography (or their history) 
- Photographers, looking for: fashion editorials (min. 6 images), beauty editorials (min. 4 images), art photography, documentary photographs of life/work of another creative individual/group (min. 4 images) 

Please note that this is an unpaid position! As the blog will continue to grow however, any gains will be equally divided between current contributors.

* Guest blogging *
Occasional posts (min. 2 in one year and max. 4 in one year) // Must be located in UK or Ireland // Aged between 16 and 26 // Looking for: writers to produce short/long articles, interviews, essays under topics of fashion, arts, photography, music / illustrators to share their traditional or digital work / videographers to share their short videos under a topic of fashion, arts or photography 

Please note that this is an unpaid opportunity! 

* Applying *
- Please send all submissions to dominika.wojciechowska@ymail.com, with basic personal information (name/age/location/social media links) and attach a sample of your work (blog post/article/essay/illustration/photographic work). For a faster response, please title your message accordingly: eg. Contributor: Photographer, Dominika // Guest blogger: Photographer, Dominika. 
- Deadline for submissions is the 20th December. All successful applications will be given available dates for their blog posts starting from January 2015
- If you have any questions, please post them in the comment section below! 


10 August, 2014



On Friday, my best friend Rebecca and I went to a LUSH VIP party in Cork to celebrate a launch of their new cosmetic collection - Emotional Brilliance. Emotional Brilliance is the brand's first ever make-up collection, but it is a very unique make-up collection as each colour and shade represents an emotion or behaviour.

To find out which shades suit your personality (yes, personality!) you have to spin the Emotional Brilliance colour wheel (
you can spin it online if you like) and choose three colours that appeal to you the most right there in that moment. The first colour of your choice symbolises your strength or weakness, the second represents your primary subconscious need and the third colour of your choice stands for your talent which will help you to achieve your subconscious need. (Just in case you'd like to know, my colours were Charm, Passionate and Focus. And you know what, I really think these three shades describe my character and feelings very well).

Now, maybe I should tell you a little something about what cosmetics are in the Emotional Brilliance collection! There is a great range of colours which you can use as lipsticks, blushers, eyeliners, eyeshadows and even mascaras. Yes, you get all that from just one little bottle! (Go on to LUSH website to check out all the colours available and to find out even more information). So what other products are available?! Well, there is a black mascara called 'Eyes Right'. This is definitely one of the items that I just cannot wait to buy! It's supposed to be perfect for people who have very sensitive eyes and what's most important it doesn't 'glue' all your eyelashes together! There's also a translucent powder which really is a must-have either if you do or do not wear make-up as it gives your face a nice matte finish. Oh, there are also two new skin tints, 'Feeling Younger' and 'Charisma'. 'Feeling Younger' will minimise the appearance of dark under the eye circles and it will give you a nice, natural glow on your cheekbones. 'Charisma' can be used under make-up and it will give you a healthy, warm glow. It'll look beautiful on darker or tanned skin, but if you're pale you can always use it as a bronzer! Pretty exciting make-up collection, don't you think? I have a really hard time trying to decide which items to buy first as I wish to just have ALL of them!

The LUSH VIP party was really, really amazing! I had a great time playing the Emotional Brilliance game, trying on new products and talking to the staff. The party was also a great time for me to go around the shop to take some additional pictures of some of my favourite LUSH items! 


Please note that this post is NOT sponsored in any way by LUSH and I also wasn't asked to write a post about their latest collection.

* Originally posted on 23rd July, 2012.
** This post was nominated as Blog Post of the Year in Blog Awards Ireland 2012.  

09 August, 2014

STREET-STYLE shooting with Ciara - look VI

Ciara O'Doherty,  
blogger, stylist and a TV presenter.

Wearing: Warehouse biker jacket, Missguided top, Missguided skirt, and Penneys/Primark heels.

STREET-STYLE shooting with Ciara O'Doherty: look V

Ciara O'Doherty
blogger, stylist and a TV presenter.

Wearing: Fran & Jane feather jacket, Missguided top, Choies skirt, and Persumnall heels.

07 August, 2014

STREET-STYLE shooting with Ciara O'Doherty: look IV

Ciara O'Doherty,   
blogger, stylist and a TV presenter.

Wearing: Penneys/Primark top, Choies faux-leather skirt,  Ray-Ban sunglasses, Stella & Dot necklace, and Birkenstock flats.

STREET-STYLE: Clarendon Row, Dublin

photographed on Clarendon Row in Dublin.

STREET-STYLE shooting with Ciara O'Doherty: look III

Ciara O'Doherty,  
blogger, stylist and a TV presenter.

Wearing: Penneys/Primark crop-top, H&M blazer, River Island trousers, Forever 21 shoes, Moschino belt,
and Michael Kors watch.