16 December, 2013

STREET-STYLE: Clarendon Row, Dublin

photographed on Clarendon Row in Dublin.

Get Megan's look:  Sinead's Boutique grey fur coat (find similar here), black Topshop dress (find similar here) and black tassel boots (find similar here).

08 December, 2013

STREET-STYLE: Pearse Train Station, Dublin

STREET-STYLE: Pearse Train Station, Dublin

photographed at Pearse Train Station in Dublin.

22 November, 2013

STREET-STYLE: Ormond Quay, Dublin

STREET-STYLE: Ormond Quay, Dublin

Photographed on Ormond Quay Lower in Dublin.

08 November, 2013

STREET-STYLE: Paul Street, Cork

STREET-STYLE: Paul Street, Cork

photographed on Paul Street in Cork.

02 November, 2013

STREET-STYLE: Opera Lane, Cork

Photographed on Opera Lane in Cork.

26 October, 2013



photographed at University College Cork Campus.

12 October, 2013

STREET-STYLE: Topshop, Opera Lane, Cork

Model at Lockdown Models and Sales Assistant at Topshop;

photographed in Topshop on Opera Lane in Cork.

04 October, 2013

STREET-STYLE: Emmet Place, Cork

photographed at Emmett Place in Cork.

18 September, 2013



On Friday, my best friend Rebecca and I went to a LUSH VIP party in Cork to celebrate a launch of their new cosmetic collection - Emotional Brilliance. Emotional Brilliance is the brand's first ever make-up collection, but it is a very unique make-up collection as each colour and shade represents an emotion or behaviour.

To find out which shades suit your personality (yes, personality!) you have to spin the Emotional Brilliance colour wheel (
you can spin it online if you like) and choose three colours that appeal to you the most right there in that moment. The first colour of your choice symbolises your strength or weakness, the second represents your primary subconscious need and the third colour of your choice stands for your talent which will help you to achieve your subconscious need. (Just in case you'd like to know, my colours were Charm, Passionate and Focus. And you know what, I really think these three shades describe my character and feelings very well).

Now, maybe I should tell you a little something about what cosmetics are in the Emotional Brilliance collection! There is a great range of colours which you can use as lipsticks, blushers, eyeliners, eyeshadows and even mascaras. Yes, you get all that from just one little bottle! (Go on to LUSH website to check out all the colours available and to find out even more information). So what other products are available?! Well, there is a black mascara called 'Eyes Right'. This is definitely one of the items that I just cannot wait to buy! It's supposed to be perfect for people who have very sensitive eyes and what's most important it doesn't 'glue' all your eyelashes together! There's also a translucent powder which really is a must-have either if you do or do not wear make-up as it gives your face a nice matte finish. Oh, there are also two new skin tints, 'Feeling Younger' and 'Charisma'. 'Feeling Younger' will minimise the appearance of dark under the eye circles and it will give you a nice, natural glow on your cheekbones. 'Charisma' can be used under make-up and it will give you a healthy, warm glow. It'll look beautiful on darker or tanned skin, but if you're pale you can always use it as a bronzer! Pretty exciting make-up collection, don't you think? I have a really hard time trying to decide which items to buy first as I wish to just have ALL of them!

The LUSH VIP party was really, really amazing! I had a great time playing the Emotional Brilliance game, trying on new products and talking to the staff. The party was also a great time for me to go around the shop to take some additional pictures of some of my favourite LUSH items! 


Please note that this post is NOT sponsored in any way by LUSH and I also wasn't asked to write a post about their latest collection.

* Originally posted on 23rd July, 2012.
** This post was nominated as Blog Post of the Year in Blog Awards Ireland 2012.  

10 September, 2013


Wearing: H&M leather aviator jacket (find similar here); denim Topshop shirt (find similar here); blue Topshop jeans (find similar here); Topshop boots (similar here) and bag (similar here); Next jewellery.


Wearing: Topshop sheer shirt (find similar here) and cropped bandeau top (find similar here); vintage leather pants (find similar here); pink Bershka heels (find similar here).


Wearing: customised Topshop denim shirt (find similar here); River Island skinny jeans (find similar here); Topshop shoes (find similar here) and jewellery.